Psychology Major for Transfer Students

Pre-Psychology Major Requirements

TRANSFER STUDENT NOTE: You must be admitted directly into this major. You will not be able to change into this major after admission. (UCLA Transfer Admissions Guide)

All of the following Procedures and Requirements will be strictly enforced:

  • A C or better is required in Psychology 10, Psychology 100A and Psychology 100B. A C- or better is required in the other preparation courses. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Repetition of any preparation course more than once results in automatic denial of admission to the major.
  • Repetition of more than any two preparation courses results in automatic denial of admission to the major.

Students who fail to meet any of these preparation requirements will be changed from Pre-Psychology to Undeclared.

Seven (7) Preparation Courses for the Psychology Major
Complete seven courses, one from each box:
Life Sciences 7A or 15* or Physiological Science 3
Statistics 10* or Math 2 or Program In Computing 10A or One quarter of calculus
Physics 1A or 5A or 10* or 11* or Chemistry 14A or 17* or 20A
Philosophy 1* or 2 or 3 or 4* or 5 or 6 or 7* or 8 or 9* or 21 or 22 or 22W or 23 or 31
Psychology 10
Psychology 100A**
Psychology 100B**

Suggestions for preparation work: Students should take Psychology 100A and 100B early in their academic careers in order to declare Psychology major standing. Note that Pre-Psychology students may enroll in some of the Core and Elective courses. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for enrollment restrictions.

*Recommended course.

**Must be declared Pre-Psychology to enroll.

Psychology Major Requirements

Students may declare major standing once all preparation courses are complete, with final grades posted. You may request a major change form via Message Center on myUCLA.

An overall GPA of 2.00 (C) is required in the upper division courses. A grade of C- or better is required in each Core and Laboratory course. All Core, Laboratory, and Elective courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Five (5) Core Courses
Select at least two courses from each column and the remaining core course can be from either Column A or B for a total of five core courses:
Column A (choose at least 2 from list below) Column B (choose at least 2 from list below)
Psychology 110 Psychology 127A or 127B or 127C**
Psychology 115* One of Psychology 130, 133A-I, 161***
Psychology 120A Psychology 135
Psychology 120B Psychology 150

*Psych M117A & M117B & M117C will count in lieu of Psych 115 and two Psychology Electives. Students will not receive any Psychology elective credit unless all three classes have been completed. 

**No unit or grade credit will be given for taking more than one of the following: Psych 127A, 127B, or 127C. If more than one is taken, the additional courses will not count as electives.

*** Only ONE of Psychology 130, 133A-I, or 161 can be applied to the Core Course requirements.  Any additional courses taken can apply to the Elective requirements.

One (1) Laboratory Course
Select one course from the following list:

Psychology 101

Psychology 111

Psychology M116A (previously 116A)*

Psychology 116B*

Psychology 121

Psychology 126

Psychology 131

Psychology 136A

Psychology 136B

Psychology M136C

Psychology 151

Psychology 186A

Psychology 186B

Psychology 186C

Psychology 186D

Psychology major standing is required when enrolling in a lab course.

*Psych M116A/116B are open to Psychology Majors only if space permits.

Four (4) Elective Courses
Select any four additional upper division Psychology courses that are offered for a letter grade.*

*Courses that will not count as electives are the following: those already used to satisfy the Core or Laboratory requirements and any course taken on a P/NP grading basis such as research, fieldwork or teaching assistantship.