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Faculty - Behavioral Neuroscience

Jackson Beatty [Edit Page]

Professor Emeritus

Behavioral Neuroscience

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Research and Teaching Interests

Understanding the mechanisms by which the human cerebral
cortex produces human cognition is one of the grand challenges
facing neuroscience. We are approaching this question in two
different ways, both of which are heavily computational in nature.

First, we are attempting to extract the large-scale structure
of the major functional cortical cognitive circuits by
applying neuroinformatic methods to a very large database of
functional neuroimaging data. We view this problem as similar
to the decoding problem faced in genomic analyses and are
using bioinformatic machine learning algorithms to extract the
structure of functional brain circuits from the raw imaging data.

We are also studying the properties of very large-scale
competitive learning networks to model the specific properties
of specific areas of the primate cerebral cortex. These models
appear to provide insights into the basic computational
operations of the primate cortex in that their activity
spontaneously parallels many previously reported experimental

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