Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Department of Psychology!

In light of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office will be closed to in-person traffic and offering all services virtually until further notice. To protect the health and safety of the UCLA community, the Psychology advisors will be working remotely. Please note that while the physical office is closed, business will continue as usual–just in a remote format.

Please email your full name, UID and specific questions to undergraduate@psych.ucla.edu and an advisor will get back to you. 

If you have questions about Winter enrollment, please include your proposed study list and what questions/concerns you have about those courses.  While you are waiting to hear back from an advisor, please refer to the Schedule of Classes and Class Notes for each course, which indicate when students can enroll in specific courses. 

Please be patient and know that your advisors are working extremely hard to support you and your peers during this time. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Here at UCLA, we present psychology as a scientific discipline that employs systematic methods of inquiry to study and explain human and animal behavior, both normal and abnormal, in terms of a variety of underlying variables, including neural, physiological, and cognitive processes; developmental factors and individual differences; and social and interpersonal influences and contexts. The structure of the undergraduate curriculum has been designed to reflect the extensive breadth of psychology in terms of both the range of behavioral phenomena studied and the variety of methods and theoretical approaches employed, while allowing students to pursue in greater depth those areas in which they become most interested. Beyond basic core courses, students can take many specialized courses in areas such as psychobiology, animal behavior, learning and memory, motivation, perception, cognition, measurement, personality, and clinical, social, developmental, community, and health psychology. The curriculum also provides excellent opportunities for research experience, either in the form of laboratory courses or by participation with faculty and graduate students in a wide variety of research projects.

A choice of three undergraduate majors is offered: Psychology (B.A.), Cognitive Science (B.S.) and Psychobiology (B.S.). While the majors overlap in certain fundamental and basic knowledge bases, they differ considerably in their focus (i.e., the extent to which certain areas of psychology and related disciplines are studied) and in terms of the different student interests and needs they satisfy. We also offer minors in Cognitive Science and Applied Developmental Psychology.