Faculty News

Professor Alicia Izquierdo’s Research Receives Media Attention

A study by Professor Alicia Izquierdo and her psychology graduate student, Alexandra Stolyarova, published in the open-access online science journal eLife, is being prominently featured on UCLA’s home page and the UCLA Newsroom. The researchers have identified changes in brain regions that may hold a key to why some people prefer certainty and others do not.

Graduate News

UCLA Fellowship in Political Psychology

Congratulations to Lauren Goldstein (Social Area) and Jesús Serrano-Careaga (Social Area) for receiving awards from the UCLA Fellowship in Political Psychology. This endowment was established in response to an anonymous gift on December 17, 1999.  The fellowship is for doctoral students specializing in political psychology, the study of mass politics, and/or intergroup relations. Recipients of the award will on collaborative research with faculty.

Undergrad News

Important Fall Quarter Dates and Deadlines

Fall Quarter instruction begins on September 28, 2017.  The Fall 17 Schedule of Classes and enrollment appointment times are available.

Faculty Spotlight

Highlighting Faculty Member Michael Fanselow

Fear plays a critically important role in our lives; it triggers defensive behaviors that protect us from danger. However, fear that is disproportionate to threat causes anxiety disorders. My laboratory studies how experience and brain biology together determine fear.
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