Faculty News

Introducing Engage Well – a new addition to the Healthy Campus Initiative focused on social well-being

This fall, Professors Ted Robles and Chris Dunkel Schetter will be launching a new "pod" in the Healthy Campus Initiative focused on promoting healthy social relationships at UCLA.

Graduate News

Alayna Park and Amy Rapp receive the SCCAP Student Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Alayna Park and Amy Rapp (Clinical Area) who received the Student Achievement Awards from the Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP).

Undergrad News

Important Fall Quarter Dates and Deadlines

Fall Quarter instruction begins on September 28, 2017.  The Fall 17 Schedule of Classes and enrollment appointment times are available.

Faculty Spotlight

Highlighting Faculty Member Michael Fanselow

Fear plays a critically important role in our lives; it triggers defensive behaviors that protect us from danger. However, fear that is disproportionate to threat causes anxiety disorders. My laboratory studies how experience and brain biology together determine fear.
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