Barbara Knowlton


Ph.D.: Stanford University
Primary Area: Behavioral Neuroscience
Secondary Area: Cognitive Psychology
Address: 6514 Pritzker Hall
Phone: (310) 825-5917

Research and Teaching Interests:

The focus of our lab is the study of the neural bases of memory. We use a number of different approaches, including neuroimaging and testing neuropsychological patients to describe functional differences between memory systems and the brain regions that support different memory processes.

Curriculum Vitae

Representative Publications:

Hennessee, J.P., Reggente, N., Cohen, M.S., Rissman, J., Castel, A.D. & Knowlton, B.J. (2019). White matter integrity in brain structures supporting semantic processing is associated with value-directed remembering in older adults. Neuropsychologia, 129:246-254.

Hennessee, J.P., Patterson, T.K. Castel, A.D., & Knowlton B.J. (2019). Forget me not: Encoding processes in value-directed remembering. Journal of Memory and Language 106:-29-39.

Patterson, T.K., Craske, M.G., & Knowlton B.J. (2019) Enhanced avoidance habits in relation to early-life stress. Frontiers in Psychology, 10:1876.

Schorn, J.M., Lu, H.-J., & Knowlton, B.J. (2020). Contextual Interference Effect in Motor Skill Learning: An Empirical and Computational Investigation. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society2043-2049.

Gordon, A.L., Patterson, T.K., & Knowlton, B.J. (2020) Early-life stress is associated with a preponderance of habitual responding in a novel instrumental avoidance learning paradigm. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 175:107316.

Fourquet, N.Y., Patterson, T.K., Li, C., Castel, A.D., & Knowlton, B.J. (2020). Effects of Age-Related Stereotype Threat on Metacognition. Frontiers in Psychology 11:3453.

Mankin, E.A., Aghajan Z.M., Schuette, P., Tran, M.E., Tchemodanov, N., Titiz, A., Kalendar, G., Eliashiv, D., Stern, J., Weiss, S.A., Kirsch, D., Knowlton, B., Fried, I., & Suthana, N. (2020) Stimulation of the right entorhinal white matter enhances visual memory encoding in humans. Brain Stimulation 14:131-140.

Schorn, J.M. & Knowlton, B.J. (2021) Interleaved practice benefits implicit sequencelearning and transfer. Memory & Cognition, 49:1436-1452.

Thakur, V.N., Basso, M.A., Ditterich, J., & Knowlton, B.J. (2021) Implicit and explicit learning of Bayesian priors differently impacts bias during perceptual decision-making. Scientific Reports 11:16932.

Knowlton, B.J. & Castel, A.D. (2022). Memory and Reward-Based Learning: A Value-Directed Remembering Perspective. Annual Review of Psychology 73:25-52.

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