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Barbara Knowlton
Stanford University
Primary Area:
Behavioral Neuroscience
Secondary Area:
Cognitive Psychology
6514 Pritzker Hall
(310) 825-5917
Research and Teaching Interests:

The focus of our lab is the study of the neural bases of memory. We use a number of different approaches, including neuroimaging and testing neuropsychological patients to describe functional differences between memory systems and the brain regions that support different memory processes.

Representative Publications:

Lee, J., Nuechterlein, K., Knowlton, B., Bearden, C., Cannon, T., Fiske, A., Ghermezi, L., Hayata, J., Hellemann, G., Horan, W., Kee, K., Kern, R., Subotnik, K., Sugar, C., Ventura, J., Yee-Bradbury, C., & Green, M. (2018). Episodic memory for dynamic social interaction across phase of illness in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin 44:620-630.

Patterson, T.K. & Knowlton B.J. (2018). Subregional specificity in human striatal habit learning: A meta-analytic review of the fMRI literature. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 20:75-82.

Hennessee JP, Knowlton BJ, Castel AD. (2018) The effects of value on context-item associatiative memory in younger and older adults. Psychology and Aging, 33:46-56.

Perugini A, Ditterich J, Shaikh AG, Knowlton BJ, Basso MA. (2018). Paradoxical decision-making: A framework for understanding cognition in Parkinson's disease. Trends in Neuroscience, 41:512-525.

Lin CJ, Yang HC, Knowlton BJ, Wu AD, Iacoboni M, Ye YL, Huang SL, Chiang MC. (2018). Contextual Interference enhances motor learning through increased resting brain connectivity during memory consolidation. Neuroimage, 181:1-15.

Reggente N, Cohen MS, Zheng ZS, Castel AD, Knowlton BJ, Rissman J. (2018). Memory recall for high reward value items correlates with individual differences in white matter pathways associated with reward processing and fronto-temporal communication. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12:241.

Clayson, P. E., Kern, R. S., Nuechterlein, K. H., Knowlton, B. J., Bearden, C. E., Cannon, T. D., Fiske, A. P., Ghermezi, L., Hayata, J. N., Hellemann, G. S., Horan, W. P., Kee, K., Lee, J., Subotnik, K. L., Sugar, C. A., Ventura, J., Yee, C. M., & Green, M. F. (2018). Social vs. non-social measures of learning potential for predicting community functioning across phase of illness in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 18:30492-30494.

Hennessee, J.P., Reggente, N., Cohen, M.S., Rissman, J., Castel, A.D. & Knowlton, B.J. (2019). White matter integrity in brain structures supporting semantic processing is associated with value-directed remembering in older adults. Neuropsychologia, 129:246-254.

Hennessee, J.P., Patterson, T.K. Castel, A.D., & Knowlton B.J. (2019). Forget me not: Encoding processes in value-directed remembering. Journal of Memory and Language 106:-29-39.

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