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Barbara Knowlton
Ph. D.,
Stanford University
Primary Area:
Behavioral Neuroscience
Secondary Area:
Cognitive Psychology
6623 FH
(310) 825-5917
Research and Teaching Interests:

The focus of our lab is the study of the neural bases of memory. We use a number of different approaches, including neuroimaging and testing neuropsychological patients to describe functional differences between memory systems and the brain regions that support different memory processes.

Representative Publications:

Lin, C-H., Chiang, M-C, Knowlton, B.J., Iacoboni, M., Udomphokul, P., & Wu, A.D. (2013) Interleaved practice enhances skill learning and the functional connectivity of fronto-parietal networks. Human Brain Mapping. 34:1542-1558.

Carr, V.A., Engel, S.A., & Knowlton, B.J. (2013) Top-down modulation of hippocampal encoding as measured by high-resolution functional MRI. Neuropsychologia, 51:1829-1837.

Patterson, T.K., Craske, M.G., & Knowlton, B.J. (2013). The effect of early-life stress on memory systems supporting instrumental behavior. Hippocampus 23:1025-1034.

Wagshal, D., Knowlton, B.J., Cohen, J.R., Poldrack, R.A. Bookheimer, S.Y., Bilder, R.M., & Asarnow, R.F.  (2014). Impaired automatization of a cognitive skill in first-degree relatives of patients with schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research 215:294-299.

Vendetti, M.S., Wu, A., Rowshanshad, E., Knowlton, B.J., & Holyoak, K.J. (2014) When reasoning modifies memory: Schematic assimilation triggered by analogical mapping. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition. 40:1172-1180.

Cohen, M.S., Rissman, J., Suthana, N.A., Castel, A.D. & Knowlton, B.J. (2014) Memory selectivity is associatied with greater engagement of areas involved in deep semantic encoding for high-value items. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience. 14:578-592.

Greenberg, D.L. & Knowlton, B.J. (2014) The role of visual imagery in autobiographical memory. Memory & Cognition, 42:922-934.

Wagshal, D., Knowlton, B., Suthana, N., Cohen, J., Poldrack, R., Bookheimer, S., Bilder, B., & Asarnow, R. (2014). Evidence for corticostriatal dysfunction during cognitive skill learning in adolescent siblings of patients with childhood onset schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 40:1030-1039.