Congratulations to our Graduate Summer Research Mentorship recipients!


Date published: 05/22/24

The following 28 graduate students received the Graduate Division Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, which provides financial support for conducting research under the close mentorship of a faculty member this summer.

Cha, LeahHealth
Cheng, YuhanClinical
Cleveland, ShilohClinical
Cortez, EricHealth
Esfand, ShibaClinical
Fernandez, KiantéCognitive
Garcia, AnaBNS
Hoover, KaraCognitive
Hopkins, AmberCognitive
Hughes, DylanClinical
Irwin, TovahCognitive
Kady, AnnabelClinical
Kamper, DavidCognitive
Kang, Jee Won DianeClinical
Katerman, BrandonCognitive
McGee, ThomasCognitive
Mitchell, RemusQuantitative
Mordy, AriannaClinical
Morrow, ErinCognitive
Naclerio, MariaSocial
Null, KayleeClinical
Ortega, MiriamBNS
Patel, NitishBNS
Saravia, DanielClinical
Savoca, PaulDevelopmental
Smith, MollySocial
Spiteri, GlenCognitive
Worthley, AlexisClinical

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