Fall 2018 Enrollment Information


Date published: 06/05/18

The Fall 2018 Schedule is now updated with more information on class offerings. Please note that priority enrollment pass appointments begin June 18 and first pass enrollment appointments begin June 21. Please make sure to check and double check your enrollment appointments through myUCLA.

Remember: If you miss your first pass enrollment, you will have to wait until second pass to enroll in courses.


  • Please remember that enrollment for Psychology Department courses is restricted based on your major and class standing!
  • If you have submitted a pink petition to declare major standing, please check the petitions tab on MyUCLA to see when your petition has been processed, as you will not receive an email notification.  Per our policy, please allow 1-3 business after your official grade has posted for your petition to be processed.
  • If you are pre-major standing, you may need to wait until second pass to enroll in some of your courses.
  • We do not give out PTE numbers.
  • Check the Schedule of Classes Course Info page to see if/when you will be eligible to enroll in each Psych course.
  • The Notes are unique for each class, please check each course for more information.

If you find yourself unable to enroll in a course, please check the class notes on the Schedule of Classes.

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