Date published: 5/25/2016

43 graduate students received the 2016 Graduate Division Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, which awards a $6,000 stipend for conducting research under the close mentorship of a faculty member this summer.

Kenneth Amaya (1st year, BNS)                         
Emma Bright (2nd year, Health)
Todd Brown (3rd year, Clinical)                           
Shannon Burns (1st year, Social)
Barbara Caplan (3rd year, Clinical)                     
Michael Conoscenti (1st year, L&B)
Louise Dixon (1st year, Clinical)                          
Emily Escovar (3rd year, Clinical)
Michelle Fenesy (2nd year, Clinical)                  
Mary Flaim (1st year, L&B)
Andrew Frane (1st year, Cognitive)                  
Jennifer Gamarra (1st year, Clinical)
Resham Gellatly (1st year, Clinical)                   
Adam Gold (1st year, BNS)
Joanna Kim (3rd year, Clinical)                            
Carrianne Leschak (1st year, Social)
Nina Lichtenberg (2nd year, L&B)                      
Aaron Lim (1st year, Clinical)
William Loftus (1st year, Developmental)      
Anastasia McGlade (1st year, Clinical)
Galen McNeil (1st year, Clinical)                         
Christine Moody (2nd year, Clinical)
Elizabeth Moroney (1st year, Clinical)              
Marissa Ogren (1st year, Developmental)
Alayna Park (2nd year, Clinical)                           
Michael Parrish (1st year, Social)
Yujia Peng (2nd year, Cognitive)                         
Jessica Phuong (2nd year, Developmental)
Alexandra Reed (1st year, Clinical)                    
Naomi Rodas (2nd year, Clinical)
Chelsea Romney 1st year, (Health)                  
Jaclyn Ross (1st year, Clinical)
Eugene Ruby (1st year, BNS)                               
Andrew Sanders (1st year, Developmental)
Jesus Serrano Careaga (2nd year, Social)        
Amy Sewart (2nd year, Clinical)
Stacy Shaw (1st year, Developmental)            
Jessica Shropshire (1st year, Social)
Danielle Smith (2nd year, Developmental)    
Alexandra Stolyarova (1st year, BNS)
Mark Straccia (1st year, Social)                           
Alexandra Tanner (1st year, Clinical)
Keela Thomson (2nd year, Cognitive)