Maira Karan receives the Pritzker Graduate Scholar Award


Date published: 06/30/22

Congratulations to Maira Karan (Developmental Area) for being selected by the Pritzker Committee for Excellence to receive the third annual Pritzker Graduate Scholar Award. Maira’s research focuses on characterizing the neurodevelopment of positive social behaviors, such as prosociality (e.g., helping others) and empathy (e.g., sharing in someone’s pain), during the period of adolescence. Her primary mentor is Professor Andrew Fuligni. The Pritzker Graduate Scholar Award is intended to support graduate students in the Department of Psychology who demonstrate excellence in the conduct of psychological science with the potential for high public impact. The award is a result of the extraordinary generosity of the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation to the Department of Psychology.  

Categories: Graduate