Psychology Staff Spotlight Award – Jessica Jimenez 


Date published: 06/26/24

We are happy to announce that Jessica Jimenez, our Clinic Office Specialist, has been selected to receive the Psychology Staff Spotlight award for this quarter for her exceptional work in our Psychology Clinic.
Throughout her two years in the UCLA Psychology Clinic, Jessica has truly excelled at the wide array of responsibilities she has with respect to managing Clinic operations. She is lauded by managers, colleagues, and students for being consistently proactive, thorough, reliable, efficient, and exceptionally organized. She has very strong interpersonal skills and manages complex interactions with faculty, staff, students, current clients, and prospective clients with great professionalism, clarity, and kindness. Over the past year, she has initiated several projects of great importance to the Clinic, including the development and rollout of a more user-friendly, web-based version of our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the transition to Bruin Voice and Zoom phone, and the establishment and management of a new petty cash system. Additionally, she has proven to be a vast source of knowledge and support that has been invaluable for facilitating the recent Clinic Director transition.
Congratulations on this recognition and thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Jessica!

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