Psychology Staff Spotlight Award – Michael Jeon


Date published: 07/06/18


We are happy to announce that Michael Jeon, Instructional Lab Coordinator, has been selected to receive the Psychology Staff Spotlight Award this quarter for his significant contributions to the Department. Michael has been working at UCLA since 1998; this summer he will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his UCLA career. A veteran of the Psych department, Michael has been with us for 19 of those 20 years. Michael is primarily tasked with managing our four instructional computer labs. These computer labs include 116 Mac and Windows workstations with a diverse set of scientific and statistical software, five print stations, and a variety of audiovisual equipment. Michael hires, schedules, and supervises the student lab proctors who staff our computer labs. Michael also oversees our AV checkout program, making sure we have access to the laptops, projectors, speakers, microphones, cables, and adapters we need in our classrooms and teaching spaces. Michael possesses a positive attitude and an easy-going spirit.  He is known for his communication skills, attention to detail, and sense of humor.  He is quick to say yes when asked to find a solution to a teaching need or a technical issue. When Michael is not working, he likes to hang out with his friends talking about the universe, politics, and soccer. Thank you Michael!

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