Psychology Staff Spotlight Award – Natalie Pham Schottler


Date published: 03/28/22

We are happy to announce that Natalie Pham Schottler, our Psychology 116 Laboratory Assistant, has been selected to receive the Psychology Staff Spotlight award for this quarter for her exceptional work and long-term dedication to the Department. Natalie has worked in the Department for 19 years. She meticulously assists students by setting up laboratory exercises and providing technical help each quarter. She is responsible for the technical aspects of the neuroscience laboratory courses. She assists in preparing and documenting lab exercises and manages the course website each quarter. Her expertise and diligence in the neuroscience laboratory courses ensure Psychology 116 courses run smoothly every quarter. Natalie has recently joined the Operations Team and will continue to provide her expertise to neuroscience laboratory courses. Congratulations on this recognition and thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Natalie!              

Categories: Staff Spotlight