Psychology Staff Spotlight Award – Stephanie Santos


Date published: 07/15/21

We are excited to announce that Stephanie Santos, Sr. Contracts and Grants Analyst, Supervisor, has been selected to receive the Psychology Staff Spotlight award for her exemplary work in fund management and supervision in the Financial Services unit. Stephanie assumed the role of supervisor in October 2020, during a time when there was still much uncertainty over the future of work and how our future work environment would impact our team. Since taking on this role, she has done an excellent job of onboarding two new fund managers and has also done a great job guiding our existing team through the various changing policies related to purchasing, research administration, and research ramp-up. Stephanie continues to provide excellent service, often going above and beyond expectations for the faculty, staff, and students that count on her support. Congratulations, Stephanie, and thank you for everything you do!

Categories: Staff Spotlight