Research by Prof. Lara Ray and Colleagues Receives Media Attention


Date published: 07/01/21

Research by Professor Lara Ray (lead author) is being prominently featured on the UCLA Newsroom and is generating substantial news coverage.

In a recent UCLA clinical trial, Professor Ray and 13 colleagues (including Professor Craig Enders, graduate students ReJoyce Green, Aaron Lim, Lindsay Meredith, and Alex Venegas, and postdoctoral scholars Erica Grodin and Steven Nieto) found encouraging results in helping daily smokers who are also heavy drinkers quit smoking and cut down their alcohol intake.

The study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and is available at

The UCLA Newsroom article titled “Medication may help heavy-drinking smokers improve their health” is available at

The research has also received attention from other websites (listed below):

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