Faculty Sponsor: 
Harris, Jesse
Contact Name: 
Jesse Harris
Room Number: 
Campbell Hall 2226
Description of Research Project: 
Research in the Language Processing Lab addresses how adults interpret sentences using a variety of information sources during online sentence comprehension, using methods such as eye-tracking, pupillometry, self-paced reading, memory probe tasks, and other response time methods.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research assistants will help administer experiments to subjects using a wide range of methods, and should feel comfortable explaining experimental directions. They may also be asked to help create or review test stimuli, or annotate corpus materials, depending on experience. Depending on background and interest, assistants may also assist in data analysis. Students should have completed prior coursework in linguistics, and cognitive science or psychology. Winter 2019: The winter project will investigate how the similarity of items in an extrinsic memory load interfere with the online interpretation of sentences in a pupil dilation study. Results will correlated with individual measures of memory capacity. Students will help prepare the materials for a study based on Gordon et al. 2002, administer the experiment to subjects, and assist in data analysis. They will also read and summarize the essential literature on pupillometry and memory, as well as write a short report on the findings.