Faculty Sponsor: 
Peyman Golshani
Contact Name: 
Pingping Zhao
Room Number: 
Description of Research Project: 
This project is about circuit mechanism of social behavior. We're working on neural dynamics of nucleus accumbens (NAc) and its connected brain regions during social interaction (test mice interacting with conspecifics). Combined with different virus expressing calcium indicator GCaMP6f, we are using V3 miniscopes (UCLA Miniscope) to record neural activity in different brain regions when imaged mice are doing freely moving behavior test. Then we would process calcium images and extract neuronal activity. Behavioral movies will be analyzed using custom-written deep-learning based algorithms (DeepBehavior) that can track the position and orientation of each animal and quantitate interaction time, velocity and any other information we need. With the imaging data we collect, we are able to use decoder to predict animal behavior with high performance.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
We're looking for students to join the project. The main responsibilities include: 1 Image processing using Matlab or Python. 2 Use DeepBehavior to analyze behavior data. 3 Help writing/modifying code for different data analysis (ROC, PCA, TCA). 4 Work on decoder to predict animal behavior Qualification: Strong background in Matlab or Python programming Experience in data analysis Creative problem-solving skills A desire to apply for graduate school (not required) Have interest in Neuroscience