Faculty Sponsor: 
Yi-Rong Peng
Contact Name: 
Yi-Rong Peng
Room Number: 
Jules Stein Building B-200
Description of Research Project: 
The visual system operates in over 12 orders of magnitude of light intensity and allows for robust discrimination of color, movement, and fine detail. The complex neural processing originates from the circuitry of the retina. In the retina, over 100 types of cells are selectively wired together to form multiple processing circuits, within which achieved parallel processing of visual information. This project is to dissect the functions of individual retinal circuits and understand their roles in processing visual information.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
During the quarter, the student will learn about the morphological and functional features of retinal circuits. Under the supervision of the PI, the student will assist in rodent maintenance, eye-tracking experiments, visual behavior assays, data analysis. She/he will also attend relevant seminars and conduct literature search to better understand the process of visual perception and high-acuity vision. In addition, the student will learn and perform basic bioinformatics using R and python, and histological and molecular techniques, and flow-cytometry, in order to participate in the project.