Faculty Sponsor: 
Chen, Xiang
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Contact Name: 
Professor Xiang 'Anthony' Chen
Room Number: 
1538 Boelter Hall, 580 Portola Plaza
Description of Research Project: 
Learning by Research program (LbR) is a quarter long program for UCLA students created by the HCI (human computer interaction) research group in UCLA. It is a quarter-long program for UCLA-wide undergraduate students to pragmatically participate in research with specific learning objectives with a specific focus in HCI related research.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students are responsible to either partake as a expeditionist or a specialist in the research projects, either taking on specific roles in programming, hardware building, designing user interfaces for specific roles or exploring a new research projects that lay the groundwork for future development. The student need to utilizes skills in cognitive science such as psychology and programming to undergo extensive user research and build a functional physical or digital prototype related to HCI at the end of the quarter in order to complete the research project.