Faculty Sponsor: 
Arac, Ahmet
Contact Name: 
Ahmet Arac
Description of Research Project: 
The primary goal of this research is to understand the relationship between learned behaviors and neuron activity in the M1 region of the cerebral cortex. We are interested in capturing the changes in neuron activity as the mouse increases skill in the learned motor behavior. The lab measures learned behaviors and neuron activity simultaneously using two separate observations. The learned behavior is observed through deep learning computer vision applications and is used to calculate kinematic movements of paws of the mice. Neuronal activity is recorded in-vivo using two-photon calcium imaging.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
The student research assistance will be responsible in conducting experiments, handling the mice, and fine-tuning deep learning neural networks for optimized computer vision applications. The assistance will aid in the process of training subjects for the experiments. The assistance must be comfortable or be willing to learn how to handle rodents as well as gone through the necessary animal and safety training mandated by UCLA. It is preferred that the assistant is familiar with machine learning methods as well as python programming to aid in the behavioral analysis.