Faculty Sponsor: 
Gao, Taoc
Statistics; Communication; Psychology
Contact Name: 
Tao Gao
Description of Research Project: 
My lab explores human social perception and cognition, with a special focus on aspects of human mind that can inspire the development of artificial intelligence that is communicative and trustworthy. Research in my lab is highly inter-disciplinary, drawing tools from cognitive science, statistics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. The goals of my lab are to (a) reveal the nature of human social commonsense through cognitive modeling and psychophysical experiments; (b) implement human-like social commonsense in artificial intelligence, so that it can seamlessly communicate to and collaborate with humans in safe and trustworthy ways.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students should be motivated to build computational models of human minds. Specific responsibilities include: (1) reading cognitive modeling papers and book chapters under my guidance; (2) implementing cognitive models with python; (3) designing and running human psychophysics experiments.