Faculty Sponsor: 
Montoya, Amanda
Contact Name: 
Amanda Montoya
Room Number: 
LSB 5324
Description of Research Project: 
WINTER 2020 PROJECT: We are looking for students to help with a large literature review examining sample size for specific types of statistical models, moderated mediation models. We hope to evaluate whether the samples sizes researchers are currently collecting are sufficient to be well-powered to detect the effects they're looking for. In particular, students will work in a team to pull information from publications and meet weekly with the team and discuss difficult cases. Students will gain experience with reading scientific articles, understanding statistical models, data entry in Excel, and articulating the role of sample size in statistical modeling.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Research assistants will help with tasks to help examine how specific statistical methods are being used in psychology and other social science fields. Expansion of the research assistant’s tasks will be based on both commitment and interest. There may be opportunities to analyze data, ask your own research question, and/or assist with computer programming tasks. Because of the training involved, we prefer candidates who can commit to working in the lab for at least three quarters. You can read more about the current research projects on the lab webpage: akmontoya.com Day to day tasks will involve coding journal policy pages, working with data in Excel, literature searches, and reading/editing manuscript drafts. Students often come to the lab from a wide range of backgrounds, but the most important qualifications are an eagerness to learn, interest in quantitative psychology, and confidence in your analytical and mathematical skills.