Faculty Sponsor: 
Fox, Craig
Psychology & Business (Anderson)
Contact Name: 
Jon Bogard
Description of Research Project: 
In our lab, we are investigating several different projects related to judgment, decision making, and human behavior. We take on political psychology (e.g., how people think about inequality), persuasion (e.g., tactics to convince people to adopt new behaviors), basic psychology (e.g., perceptions of uncertainty), and response to incentives (e.g., pay-for-performance in the context of non-profit organizations). We use a variety of methods in our work, including online and in-lab survey-based experiments, field studies, natural language processing, and eye-tracking devices.
Description of Student Responsibilities: 
Students will be doing a variety of research-related tasks, from literature reviews to study design to study administration. Students should be extremely reliable, fast, and clear communicators, eager to take on challenges and solve them independently. We want RAs who are not only talented and fastidious but also passionate and intrigued by the cognitive process underneath human decision making. Students who are exceptionally hard working, organized, detail-oriented, curious, and thoughtful should apply. Those with extensive coding skills (especially in JavaScript) will be given preference.