FAQ: Psychology Email Distribution Lists

Frequently Asked Questions: UCLA Psychology Email Distribution List

Departmental email lists can be found at the Distribution Lists link on our website, and are only accessible to users with a UCLA Logon ID.  Please note that lists contain either an “@em.ucla.edu” or an “@lists.ucla.edu” address.  The host name em.ucla.edu denotes a list that is hosted in Enterprise Messaging, and the host name lists.ucla.edu indicates a list that is hosted in the BOL mailing list service.

How can I send a message to one of these lists?

In most cases you must be a member of a list in order to send a message to that list.  Exceptions may be possible, but you will want to contact the list owner for more information.

How can I see the members of a list?

Lists held in the campus Enterprise Messaging (EM) system (@em.ucla.edu) are shared distribution lists.  EM users can open up a list name in Outlook to see the membership.  Non-EM users or those wishing to see the membership of a BOL mailing list service list (@lists.ucla.edu) should contact the list owner to for membership information.

How can I get a message to everyone in the department?

Most messages sent to all members of the department are sent from an announcement email address through the Chair’s Office.  Messages of wide interest or importance are sent to the list called psych-all-lists@em.ucla.edu. You must be a member of some other departmental list in order to receive the messages sent to psych-all-lists@em.ucla.edu.  Individual email addresses are not subscribed.