FAQ: Psychology Email Distribution Lists

Frequently Asked Questions: UCLA Psychology Email Distribution List

An explanation of Psychology's Email Distribution Lists:

Some background

Members of the department use many different e-mail systems.  They may have EM (Enterprise Messaging) Psychology or Life Sciences accounts, Bruin On Line accounts, or e-mail accounts hosted by other entities on or off campus.  Each member’s preferred Email address should be recorded in the UCLA on-line directory   Your preferred e-mail account will be used by default in the campus EM global address list, and on various distribution lists.

What software is used for handling the email distribution lists?

Our department uses Mailman for distribution lists.

Mailman is a robust, open-source program that provides a web interface for both administrators and users to customize their mailing list options.  Use of Mailman does not require the use of a proprietary email server or program.   Members of the department of Psychology currently maintain over 40 lists on Mailman.

More information on UCLA's installation of Mailman

How are the Psychology email distribution lists managed?

List owners have been identified for each of the department’s lists who have been trained on Mailman protocols.  Each list owner is responsible for their list's appropriate use and membership.  Any UCLA member may set up their own distribution lists.  Submit requests for new lists here: lists.ucla.edu/signup.html

Who are the List Owners? (this pertains to departmental email distribution lists only)

When you receive an email message by way of Mailman you will see a link at the bottom of the message to the list Info Page.  Go to the info page for more information on who manages the list.  See an example info page for the Psych-All list: lists.ucla.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/psych-all

In general, responsibility for maintaining members and sending announcements to the lists has been assigned to department members with the most knowledge of each list's purpose.   As a general rule of thumb, the Psychology "area" lists are managed by department area chairs, or their designees.  Lists of graduate students are usually managed by the Graduate Studies Coordinator.  The Psych All list is managed by members of the IT unit.

How can I see the distribution list names when I'm emailing?

If the list you are looking for is not in your contacts or Global Address List you can see a display of the department’s lists.  Your UCLA Logon credentials are necessary.

Who is allowed to be on the lists?

Each list may have different rules in place but in general, list owners decide who should be on their lists.  Anyone may submit a request to be subscribed to a list, but list owners must usually approve subscriptions.  

How do I know if I'm on the right lists?

You need to know your Mailman password in order to see what lists you are on.  Here are the steps for finding your password:

Go to the bottom of any list info page for which you are a member and click on "Unsubscribe or Edit Options"  At the next screen click on the "remind" button under "Password Reminder."

Clicking the remind button will have your Mailman password sent to your email box.  Get the password and then return to the info page above.  Now when you click on the "Unsubscribe or Edit options" button you will be taken to a log-in screen where you will enter your email address and the default password just sent to you.  Once in your mailing list configuration page you will have many options like changing your password and seeing what other lists you are on.   Scroll down the page a bit and you will see a button for "List my other Subscriptions" under the section titled: "Your other lists.ucla.edu subscriptions"

All other lists that you are a member of on the UCLA Mailman system will be displayed.

How can I see the members of a list?

Go to the list info page and scroll down to the bottom.  Click on “visit the subscriber list.”

Can I unsubscribe?

You may submit a request to be unsubscribed.  Most of our lists require that the list owner approve that you be unsubscribed however, so this might not happen for you automatically.

Who is allowed to send messages to the lists?

List owners determine who is allowed to send mail to the list.  Many of our lists are restricted so that only certain list members can send messages to the lists.

Can I get list digests instead of receiving each message individually?

Yes!  One of the great features of Mailman is that you can have the system collect all messages sent to a list for some period and then send them to you as one email message

Can I remain on a list but view messages on the web instead of getting them delivered to my email box?

Yes!  The Mailman lists are all configured to send messages not only to list member email boxes, but to the list's web archive.  Some archives are open for anyone to read (i.e. see the Psych All archive at lists.ucla.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/psych-all - from there, select "Psych-All Archives".)

Most archives are private and only viewable by list members.  In this case you must enter your Mailman password to view the archives.

Important information regarding the Psych-All-Lists Distribution List


Psych-All-Lists@lists.ucla.edu is an umbrella list.  Individuals are not subscribed, only other lists.  You must be a member of some other departmental list in order to receive messages sent to psych-all-lists@lists.ucla.edu


Anyone can submit a request to be unsubscribed, the owner must (and will) approve these requests.  Even if you're not subscribed you may still read messages sent to the list if the archives are open.