FAQ: Psychology Email Distribution List

Frequently Asked Questions: UCLA Psychology Email Distribution List

Departmental email lists can be found at the Distribution Lists link on our website, and are only accessible to users with a UCLA Logon ID.  Please note that lists contain either an “@em.ucla.edu” or an “@lists.ucla.edu” address.  The host name em.ucla.edu denotes a list that is hosted in Enterprise Messaging, and the host name lists.ucla.edu indicates a list that is hosted in Google Apps.

How can I send a message to one of these lists?

In most cases one must be a member of a list in order to send a message to that list.  Exceptions may be possible; please contact the list owner for more information.

How can I see the members of a list?

Lists held in the campus Enterprise Messaging (EM) system (@em.ucla.edu) are shared distribution lists.  EM users can open up a list name in Outlook to see the membership.  Non-EM users or those wishing to see the membership of a BOL mailing list service list (@lists.ucla.edu) should contact the list owner to for membership information.

How can I get a message to everyone in the department?

Messages sent to all members of the department are sent from an announcements email address through the Chair’s Office.  Please contact announcements@psych.ucla.edu for more information about sending a department-wide message.