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Adriana Galván
Associate Professor
Jeffrey Wenzel Term Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience
Neuroscience at Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Primary Area:
Developmental Psychology
Secondary Area:
Behavioral Neuroscience
2263B FH
(310) 206-4850
Research and Teaching Interests:

Dr. Galván's research focuses on adolescent brain development.  Specifically, her work examines how changes in brain maturation during adolescence relate to adolescent behavior and decision-making.

Research questions in her laboratory are addressed using a multidisciplinary approach, including behavioral, physiological, and neuroimaging (e.g. fMRI) methods.  Recent work has examined developmental trajectories in neurobiological substrates underlying affect processing as they relate to risk-taking behavior. Currently, research projects address the role of social influence and peer pressure on decision-making and neural activity in typically developing children and adolescents.

Another line of research examines functional brain development in adolescent risk-takers (e.g. adolescent smokers, methamphetamine-addicted adolescents), particularly as it relates to cognitive control and risky decision-making.

Recent Awards:

U.S. Fulbright Scholar (2018)

American Psychological Association Early Career Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (2016)

Cognitive Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award (2016)

Department of Psychology Distinguished Teaching Award (2015)

American Psychological Association Division 7 Boyd McCandless Award  (2014)

William T. Grant Young Scholars Award (2013)