Staff/Faculty Contacts

Getting started

For questions on appointment paperwork processing, contact Peter Saenz, the Staff Personnel Coordinator in Psychology. Peter will provide you with information about the Graduate Division Postdoctoral Scholars orientation, parking, BruinCard, email, benefits, payroll, etc.

All postdoctoral scholars (EDB title codes 3252-Employees, 3253-Fellows, and 3254-Paid Directs) must be approved through the Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars Services (OPVSS) in the UCLA Graduate Division. All appointment paperwork must be submitted to Peter Saenz in Psychology.

Peter Saenz
Staff Personnel Coordinator
1283A Franz
(310) 206-9720

Also, see the webinar orientation for new postdocs at:

Work concerns

If you have any work related concerns, please contact

Sabrina Lux
Chief Administrative Officer
(310) 825-2618

General questions

For general questions about life in the department, please contact

Lisa Lee
Graduate Advising Supervisor
2807 Life Sciece Building
(310) 825-4117

Or any member of the Committee for Postdoctoral Scholars in Psychology.