Applied Developmental Psychology Minor

One of IDP’s functions is to serve as a teaching and research facility for the Department that accommodates both cross-sectional and longitudinal investigation of infants, toddlers, their parents and caregivers.The ADP Minor is a unique program that creates the opportunity for students at the undergraduate level to learn about the development of young children. The design of this minor is to provide a coherent academic program that focuses on issues central to improving the well-being of children and their families.

All students who participate in the minor are required to enroll in an in-depth internship course (134D, 134E, and 134C), which provides them with hands-on experience with infants, toddlers, and/or preschool-age children at one of several UCLA childcare centers including IDP.

Concurrent with their internship, students take a 3-quarter core course sequence, Psychology 134A/D, 134B/E, and 134C. These courses are open only to the ADP students in a given cohort (e.g., Spring-Summer Sessions A & C or Fall-Winter-Spring).The program specifically teaches students how to apply theories, research methods, and research findings to practical concerns. It prepares students to receive further training in various child-related professions, including careers in research or Clinical Psychology, medicine, public policy and early childhood education. The program is also designed to provide all the necessary training and coursework to obtain a site supervisor-level Child Development Permit in the state of California.

We believe that students learn best in community, and when there is an ongoing dialogue between scholarship and practice, learning and service, and among people of all ages and stages of expertise and development. By participating first-hand in childcare centers throughout the community, ADP students gain a better understanding of the knowledge they learn inside their classroom at UCLA. They thus enhance their own education while providing a valuable service to children, families, and communities.

If you are an undergraduate at UCLA and want more information about the ADP minor or are interested in applying for the minor please go to the following link: Applied Developmental Psychology Minor