Tours, Eligibility, & Applications

Applications for the Infant Development Program are welcome from parents who are affiliated with UCLA as current students, staff, or faculty. Applicants are placed on a waiting list, so it is advisable to put in an application as early as possible. Families may apply when pregnant or when adoption papers have been submitted, for a child under age three.

Prospective Families are invited to tour our facilities where the Director, Patrice Winn, will discuss the philosophy of the center. Once you have toured the classroom, you will have the opportunity to fill out an online application.

If you wish to apply, please make a reservation to tour the IDP at the following link:

**Tours will resume in July 2022. If you are interested in applying, please send an inquiry to Patrice Winn at We will continue to take pre-enrollment forms online for the time being since tours are limited due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Tours are limited and advance reservation is required. Tours will be held on a monthly basis. Applications are available online only after you have attended the tour and paid the $75 non-refundable application fee. However, due to the limited number of spaces available, payment of the application fee and filing of the form do not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Please note that by signing up for the tour, that is also your confirmation of your attendance. You will receive an email a day before the tour informing you of the exact location of the tour. Due to the limited number of spaces available on the tour if you cancel, IDP requests that cancellations be made one week prior to the tour, to allow for additional families to attend. If you have a late cancellation, you will be asked to attend the tour at a later date.

At any time, please inform the IDP of changes in your address, phone numbers, work location, or childcare needs.

If you receive notice that there is an opening available for your child, you will have 48 hours in which to make a decision about accepting the position. The fee for enrolling is $200, which offsets the initial investment in transitioning your child and your family into the program. If you do not wish to accept the position offered to you at that time, you may choose to remain on the waitlist or have your name removed. If you choose to remain on the waitlist, your name is placed at the bottom of the list for your priority category (please see our Waitlist Policy for more details).

*Please note that projections about the length of the waitlist as well as the length of time your family will be on the waitlist are not provided on the tour or during the time you will be on the waitlist. More information about the waitlist is given during the informal presentation during the tour.

If you have any questions about IDP tours, our application procedure or about our program in general, please feel free to contact us at or (310) 206-0633.