Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations

Taken from the California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations. Teachers use these foundations to develop curriculum and lesson plans around the child’s language, cognitive and other developmental stages.

Social-Emotional Development Domain

  • Interactions and Relationships with Adults
    • Trust in Adults
  • Interactions and Relationshps with Peers
  • Relations to Family, School, and Cultural Groups
  • Identity of Self in Relation to Others
  • Recognition & Confidence of Abilities
  • Expression of Emotion
    • Emotion Regulation and Management
  • Empathy
  • Self Care and Regulation
  • Impulse Control
  • Social Exchanges and Understanding

Perceptual and Motor Development Domain

  • Perceptual Development 
  • Gross Motor
    • Body movement, balance, and coordination
  • Fine Motor
    • Muscles in hands

Cognitive Development Domain

  • Understanding Cause-and-Effect;
  • Understanding How Things Work
  • Spatial Relationships
  • Problem Solving and Strategizing
  • Imitation;
  • Memory
  • Number Sense
  • Grouping and Classification of objects
  • Symbolic Play
  • Attention Maintenance
  • Understanding of Personal Care Routines
  • Focusing on Tasks
  • Initiating Social Play

Language Development Domain

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Use of words
  • Receptive Language;
  • Expressive Language
  • Communication Skills and Knowledge
    • Participation in Conversations
  • Interest in Print
    • Pictures and Reading Books
    • Drawing and Writing
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