The following philanthropic priorities would be beneficial to the progress and advancement to the IDP community. With your support, IDP will be able to invest in the teaching staff and families of the IDP that will benefit the overall UCLA community.

Educational Supplies and Equipment:

Funding to support the purchase of new equipment and materials for the IDP will help to develop the curriculum and project work that is essential to the learning and development of the children in IDP. Supplies such as toys, games, classroom furniture, equipment for outdoor and indoor activities are all included under the umbrella of educational supplies. You can contribute to IDP’s classroom supplies and equipment by going to the following link: IDP Amazon wishlist

Professional Development:

The teaching staff are essential to the Infant Development Program’s mission and vision. In addition to caring for young children on a daily basis, they also mentor and support students in the Applied Developmental Psychology Program, a minor in the department of Psychology. The teachers benefit from learning from others in the form of professional development opportunities. These opportunities include attending local and national conferences, visiting other school sites, participating in mandatory training as well as additional educational opportunities. Professional development also contributes to staff retention. Professional development opportunities contribute to the long term professional goals of the teaching staff as well bring new and interesting ideas to the overall classroom.

Capital Improvements:

We strive to provide our children and families with the best possible environment. Due to ongoing wear and tear, our classroom facilities are in need of upgrades and repairs. Improving the overall quality of IDP’s caregiving community is a top priority on our agenda. You can contribute to capital improvements and professional developments as well as large classroom supplies by going to the following link: Make a donation to the UCLA Department of Psychology (please select Infant Development Program Fund when making your donation).