COVID-19 Information

-Current guidelines require all students, staff, and clients, and any individual who needs to accompany a client (e.g., parent or legal guardian of a minor or dependent adult), to wear a face covering at all times when on campus and in the Clinic. If you or anyone who needs to accompany a client is not able to do so for any reason, then we are unable to provide assessment services to you at this time until further notice.

-Whenever possible, clients must present to the Clinic alone so as to facilitate social distancing. A parent, guardian, or other trusted individual may accompany a client who is unable to present to the Clinic alone (e.g., a child or dependent adult).

-In an effort to promote social distancing, no more than 1 client appointment will be scheduled on any given day, and only 1 clinician will be present on any given day. This will also allow ample time for disinfecting and sanitization of all shared spaces and materials prior to all client appointments. Similarly, only 1 individual will be allowed in a restroom at any given time.

-All clients will be required to complete a COVID-19 symptom screen over telephone with their clinician on the day of but prior to their scheduled appointment. If you do not pass the screen, your appointment will be delayed until further notice. Additionally, clinicians and staff will also be required to conduct a symptom screen prior to coming to campus. If a member of the Clinic personnel does not pass the symptoms screen or feels any signs of illness, no matter how mild, they will not perform work of any kind on campus.

-Additionally, staff, clinicians, and clients (and anyone accompanying a client, if needed) will not be permitted come to campus if someone in their household becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms or if they suspect they have come into contact with anyone who has become sick.

-Upon arrival to the Clinic, all staff, clinicians, and clients (and anyone accompanying a client) will present to the main office for a distance (contactless) temperature check. Anyone who exhibits any type of illness or register above 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit on our digital thermometer will be instructed to leave campus.

-Please note that we are not accepting cash payment at this time. We have a contactless credit/debit card reads and can accept checks as forms of payment.

Other forms of COVID-19 mitigation measures include:

                -Strict disinfection/sanitization protocols for shared spaces, as well as testing materials, in accordance with guidelines provided by test publishers and organizations.

                -Plexiglas dividers in the Clinic main office as well as the testing room.

                -A floor marking indicates the 6 feet required for physical distancing between clients, staff, and students in the Clinic main office.

                - We will also use our largest Clinic room for testing and open the windows to increase airflow when possible (dependent on weather and ambient noise). Similarly, we will open windows in the Clinic main office when possible.

                -Hand sanitizer will be available in all Clinic rooms being used.

                -If desired, non-latex disposable gloves in various sizes will be available for you and/or your clinician to use. If used, gloves must not be worn in shared spaces, such as hallways and elevators, and you will be asked to use hand sanitizer immediately after removing gloves.

                -Students will engage in frequent handwashing and hand sanitization, and you are encouraged to do so as well.

                - All Clinic members will continue following the guidelines set by the University, city, county, and state when they are off campus to minimize their risk of infection. Additionally, in accordance with University guidelines, no one affiliated with the University will travel for anything University related, and all Clinic members will be discouraged from non-essential personal international and domestic travel.

-While the campus is open to individuals who are engaged in essential campus operations, attending approved in-person courses, or receiving care at UCLA hospitals and clinics, it remains closed to the general public at this time.

- We will also ensure compliance with CDC’s Infection Control Guidance:

If you have any questions or are interested in being placed on our wait list for assessment services, please do not hesitate to contact the Clinic main office at (310) 825-2305.