Departmental Statistical Consulting

The quantitative psychology area is very excited to formally offer open office hours for statistical consulting. Senior quantitative psychology students will be rotating through the statistical consultant role and we hope to offer continuous statistical consulting for faculty, graduate students, postdocs, research staff, and undergraduates conducting independent research in the Department of Psychology at UCLA. 

The statistical consultants role will be to provide open meeting time to provide advice and suggestions for analyses, they will not be conducting statistical analyses with individual research team’s data. The statistical consultants can:

  • Answer questions about specific statistical analyses
  • Brainstorm with researchers on the most appropriate analyses for their data
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on current analyses
  • Work through statistical analyses with you during a meeting
  • Read and provide feedback on research products (but they should be sufficiently short that reading and feedback can occur in a 1 hour meeting)

The statistical consultants will not:

  • Conduct data analyses with your data outside of the consulting time
  • Assist with coursework or class assignments
  • Write any part of a research product

Winter Quarter 2023, Tristan Tibbe & Stefany Mena will be providing open consulting hours at the below times. To book a 1 hour time slot with Stefany in advance please use the following link:

Mondays 1 – 3
Tuesday 11 – 1 , 2 – 4
Wednesday 10 – 11, 1 – 3
Thursday 2 – 4
Friday 10 – 12

If you have questions please email: