Employment Exception Forms

1. Standard Exception Request Form

Students who are requesting to work over 50%, supplement NRSA stipends, Pauley Fellowships, training grant stipends, or fellowships other than those listed in section II below must submit a Standard Exception Request Form. Please note that students with a GSR position (any % level) or a training grant who would like to take on a supplemental TA position (any % level), must submit a Standard Exception Request Form:

Standard Exception Request Form

2. Fellowship Supplement Request

Please read the Department and Graduate Division Funding Guidelines prior to submitting this form. Students who wish to supplement one of the fellowships listed below must submit a Fellowship Supplement Request:

Fellowship Supplement Request Form

The fellowships and awards that require this form are: Cota Robles Fellowships, GD Privately Endowed Fellowships, Dissertation Year Fellowships, NSF, Ford, Javits fellowships, GRM Awards, GSRM Awards.