Department Alumni Data Survey:

Upon filing, make sure to complete the Department Alumni Data Form to allow the Department to update its alumni records.

If ever your information changes or you would like to provide an update, contact the Graduate Advising Supervisor. We want to continue to hear about your successes!

Declare Non-Attendance:

Please log on to MyUCLA and declare non-attendance for the next academic quarter (e.g., if you graduate in Spring, declare non-attendance in Fall). If the degree term was declared in MyUCLA before the Registrar’s Office activated the next term, you do not need to declare non-attendance. Declaring non-attendance will ensure you are not assessed fees for the subsequent quarter.


Please see the diploma availability and release website. Diplomas are available about three months after the degree award. You are able to access the MyUCLA Diploma Request feature or use a Diploma Mail Request form to provide diploma release instructions and select a delivery method.

Health Insurance:

Students who are registered in the Spring and graduate in the Spring will maintain their UCLA health insurance coverage through the summer up until the first day of classes in the Fall. 

If you are in need of additional health insurance coverage after graduation or during your Filing Fee quarter, please review the Non Registered UCLA Student Voluntary UC SHIP plan policies.

UCLA Alumni Association:

Please review the benefits provided with membership in the UCLA Alumni Association. Membership includes access to UC libraries, career search help, discounts to campus events, access to UCLA recreation centers, health insurance, and more. Please visit the Alumni website to learn more: