Preliminary Oral Exams (Prelims)


Forms must be submitted at least four weeks prior to Prelims directly to the Graduate Advising Supervisor

Form #1: Requirement Completion

Complete a Requirement Completion Checklist for your area and return it to the Graduate Advising Supervisor. Once the checklist is reviewed, you will receive confirmation that verifies that all major, minor, and comprehensive examination (C-exam/C-papers) requirements are complete.

Form #2 – Doctoral Nomination Form

In order to conduct your Prelims, you must officially nominate your Doctoral Committee through the Graduate Division.

On the form, enter all requested information. Enter “not applicable” in the section on language examinations. Your committee chair does not sign this form. Please be sure to double check each committee member’s academic rank and list the most up to date rank on the form. The Graduate Advising Supervisor will obtain approval from the Vice Chair before submitting the form to the Graduate Division for processing.

Form #3 – The Announcement

Please print this SAMPLE announcement and use it as a guide and accurately list your committee members. Completed announcements will be posted one week prior to your exam once all requirements have been completed and verified and your committee has been officially approved by the Graduate Division.

More Information:

  • You must have approval from your committee chair or co-chairs before you can contact your committee members to schedule your exam.
  • The Graduate Advising Supervisor will prepare the required form for your exam. Once your exam is completed, she will submit the form to the Graduate Division. The day that the form is submitted to the Graduate Division is the official day that you advance to candidacy.
  • Prelim Exams are closed, and only the student and committee members are permitted to be in the exam room. Final Oral Exams are open, but if you are planning on having guests attend your Final Oral Exam, be sure to let your committee members know when you are asking them to serve on your committee. They should be properly prepared in advance for both your Prelim Exam and Final Oral Exam.
  • You will be charged a fee for advancing to candidacy. As of Fall quarter, the total fee was $90. Be sure to monitor your Bruin Bill account as this charge will confirm that your paperwork has gone through and been processed by the Graduate Division.