Enrollment & Eligibility

Enrollment Policies:

Students must be registered and enrolled during the quarter the dissertation is filed OR during the quarter previous to filing.

  • Spring Filing: Students enrolling for Spring quarter will enroll in 4-12 units of 599 (dissertation research) and/or 8-12 units of 451 (Clinical Internship) + additional 599 units when appropriate. Spring degrees are conferred in mid-June.
  • Summer Filing: You must register in the Spring to submit a filing fee status application and pay a fee in Summer. Summer degrees are conferred in mid-September.

Eligibility Requirements for Psychology Department Hooding Ceremony:

A. To participate and be hooded:

  • OPTION 1:
  1. Complete the Graduate Commencement RSVP Form by May 1.
  2. Enroll/Register or submit the Filing Fee status application for Spring Quarter to the Graduate Advising Supervisor no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of Spring quarter.
  3. Complete your Final Oral Exam and file the dissertation electronically with Graduate Division by the Spring quarter filing deadline.
  1. Complete the Graduate Commencement RSVP Form by May 1.
  2. Prepare to pay the Filing Fee status cost during the Summer
  3. Complete your Final Oral Exam and e-mail the Graduate Advising Supervisor an electronic final copy of your dissertation copying your Chair by the Spring Quarter filing deadline.
  4. Clinical students: Note that internship requirements must be completed prior to filing the dissertation.

B. To participate if you will NOT complete the Final Oral Exam and file your dissertation by the Spring Quarter filing deadline but will complete the Final Oral Exam and file the dissertation during the Summer:

  1. Complete the Graduate Commencement RSVP Form by May 1.
  2. Enroll/Register for Spring quarter to establish eligibility to submit the Filing Fee status application and pay the fee in the Summer.
  3. Sixth Year Students: You must have an approved “Six Year Rule” extension petition that includes all signatures/approvals in order to take your Final Oral Exam and file your dissertation in the Summer (contact Lisa for a Six Year Petition).
  4. Provide Lisa with an electronic copy of your dissertation after you electronically file a copy with Graduate Division in the Summer.
  5. The Department cannot hood students who have not officially filed the dissertation with the Graduate Division or are not students that have provided Lisa with the final version of the dissertation by Spring filing deadline. The hooding ceremony signifies completion of the Ph.D. degree, which includes the filing of the dissertation. For students who have not filed the dissertation, a blue and gold mantle will substitute for the doctoral hood. Students will be called by first and last name during the ceremony, without the “Dr.” prefix.

Gengerelli Distinguished Dissertation Award:

A student who is nominated by his/her doctoral committee for the Joseph A. Gengerelli Distinguished Dissertation Award will be considered for this award during the current year only if the dissertation is filed 2 weeks prior to the official Spring quarter filing deadline with the Graduate Division. Students who file after this deadline will be considered for this award next year.