Department Policies

Fellowships Requiring Department Funding

If you are applying for a grant, fellowship, or award that requires that the University or Psychology Department pay ANY portion of your registration fees, you MUST contact the Graduate Advising Supervisor before you apply to confirm whether or not the Department can sponsor your application.

Applying for Grants

Any type of application being submitted by a graduate student that requires a budget or institutional signature should be forwarded to the Psychology Business Office so that they may review and route it through OCGA (Office of Contract and Grant Administration). In addition, if the graduate student submits an application that does not require an institutional signature or budget, but the funds will be disbursed through the Psychology Department, the application should also be forwarded to the Psychology Business Office so they may route it through OCGA.

Below are the steps that need to be taken in order to submit a grant proposal submission through the Psychology Business Office:

  • Graduate Students must inform the Fund Manager (in the Psychology Business Office in 1283 Franz) assigned to their mentor the moment they are aware of a grant proposal submission.
  • The Psychology Business Office requires at least 3 weeks of notice prior to the submission deadline.

Week 1: Prepare the budget and help with any necessary paperwork.

Week 2: The student and mentor review the application and respond with any updates or changes.

Week 3: The proposal is submitted to OCGA for review and submission.

  • OCGA requires 5 business days for review applications prior to the deadline in order to have enough time for questions and changes, if needed.
  • Keep in mind that there will be occasions when a Fund Manager is working on 5 proposal submissions for the same deadline, so they need plenty of notice in order to help coordinate and make it a smooth submission.

5th Year Funding Information

Information has been compiled to show funding opportunities that exist for our advanced students. Please note that obtaining funding beyond your promise of support requires that students take an active role in seeking out and pursuing funding options. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully will provide helpful examples of funding opportunities.

Some 5th year students are funded by more than one funding source. For example, a student might have a GSR for one quarter and TAships for the other two quarters. Some students may also obtain teaching and other paid positions off campus (e.g., teaching at a local college). Students who have multiple sources of funding have been listed multiple times in this table.

Please note that Psychology Department 5th Year Fellowships are typically a combination of GSR appointments (with the student's faculty adviser) plus departmental stipend and registration fees. These fellowships are subject to the availability of departmental funds and are not guaranteed on a yearly basis.

This information in this table is based on student reports. If you have any information to add/remove, please contact the Graduate Advising Supervisor.

Sources of Funding for 5th Year Students

Type of Funding '11-'12 '12-'13 '13-'14
TA Position (Psych Dept.) 21 18 110
TA Position (Dept. other than Psych) 1 1 2
Teaching Asst. Coordinator (TAC) 2 0 0
PROPS TA Position 1 0 0
Diss. Year Fellowship (Grad Division) 2 1 4
Psych Dept. 5th Year Fellowships 5 13 9
Grad. Div. Portable Supplement Funding 5 0 0
Grad. Div. Cota Robles Funding 1 1 0
GSR Position 4 10 7
Clinical Internship 0 1 2
Training Grant 5 0 2
NRSA Traineeship 1 3 0
NSF Fellowship 1 6 5
FORD Fellowship 0 0 0
Dept. of Defense Fellowship 0 0 0
Unfunded 0 0 0
Unknown 0 0 0