1. Do you offer a Masters degree in Psychology?
    No. The Department of Psychology only offers a Ph.D. program. A Master's only program does not exist.
  2. Do you need a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree to apply?
    No. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is not required to apply to our program, but it is required to enter our program. For domestic applicants, a Master’s degree is not required to apply to or enter our program. For international applicant educational requirements, please see https://grad.ucla.edu/gasaa/admissions/ACADRECS.HTM.
  3. Do you offer a degree in counseling/therapy?
    No. This is a research-oriented program that aims to train researchers who will expand the body of scientific knowledge upon which the discipline of psychology rests. If you are seeking training as a psychotherapist or a career in counseling psychology, this may not be the program that fits your interests.
  4. Do you offer a graduate degree in Forensics? Industrial/Organizational Psychology?
    No, we do not offer a degree in these areas.
  5. When is the application deadline for entering Fall 2020?
    December 1, 2019.
  6. How do I apply?
    The application for Fall 2020 will become available in September at apply.grad.ucla.edu/apply. Please pay particular attention to the Application Instructions.
  7. How many students apply for admission?
    For the entering class of Fall 2019, the admissions committee reviewed 799 applications.
  8. How many students enroll each year?
    Enrollment varies each year. The total number of Fall 2019 incoming students is 37.
  9. Can I apply to the program for entry beginning Winter or Spring Quarters?
    No, we only accept applications for entrance in Fall quarter.
  10. Can I attend part-time?
    No, this is a day-time, full-time program and has no provision for part-time or limited status students.
  11. What is the length of the program?
    The program is described as a six-year program. However, it is flexible enough to permit considerable individual variation.
  12. Is an interview required as part of the admission process?
    The behavioral neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, learning & behavior, quantitative, and social areas do conduct in-person interviews as part of their applicant evaluation process.
  13. Must I have been a Psychology major to be eligible to apply?
    No, you do not need to have been a psychology major to apply to the program. However, ideal preparation for the Ph.D. program consists of a solid background of coursework in the realm of psychology, including lab courses and classes in statistics and research methods. A broad knowledge of mathematical, biological and social sciences is also recommended.
  14. Are there any minimum GPA or GRE score requirements?
    The graduate division stipulates that you must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA to be eligible to apply. There are no minimum scores cut-offs for the GRE.
  15. Do I need to take the GRE psychology subject test?
    If you are applying to Clinical, the GRE Psychology subject test is required. If you are applying to Behavioral Neuroscience, Learning and Behavior, Quantitative, or Social, the GRE Psychology subject test is NOT required. If you are applying to Health, the GRE subject test in Psychology is not required but recommended. If you are applying to Developmental, the GRE Psychology subject test is not required but is recommended for applicants who did not major in Psychology or a closely related discipline. If you are applying to Cognitive, a GRE subject test in Psychology or other fields related to cognitive psychology is not required but encouraged. Official scores for the GRE Psychology subject test can not be more than five years old.
  16. What materials must I submit in order for my application to be complete?
    1. UCLA Graduate Division Application for Graduate Admission (AGA) along with a $105.00 (US Residents) or $125.00 (foreign) application fee
    2. Statement of Purpose & Personal History Statement
    3. At least 3 letters of recommendation
    4. GRE scores-- general test and psychology subject test if required by the areas
    5. TOEFL or IELTS Exam (if applicable)
    6. One (1) official transcripts from each school (community college, college, university) you have attended
    7. CV (recommended)
  17. Is funding or financial aid available?
    Upon admission, the Department strives to provide some type of funding for every student either through fellowships, stipends, training grants or program-related employment (i.e. teaching or research assistantships). Candidates are also strongly encouraged to apply for extramural awards, such as fellowships from the NSF, APA, Ford Foundation and Javits Foundation. Please see Fellowships & Other Support for more information.
  18. What career(s) do most graduates from this program go into with their degree?
    Graduates of this Ph.D. program are trained for careers in both academic and applied settings-for positions at universities and colleges, research and government organizations, and business and industry.
  19. If I take the GRE test more than once, will you average my test scores or pick the highest scores from each test?
    No. We accept the most recent GRE scores from the test you have taken. We do not average the scores or pick the highest scores. Official scores for the GRE Psychology subject test can not be more than five years old.
  20. How do I contact professors in the program about their research interests?
    If you are interested in the research interests of a certain professor in our department, view the faculty page on our website at https://www.psych.ucla.edu/faculty.
  21. Does the department offer group information sessions or tours of Franz Hall?
    The department does not offer group information sessions or tours of Franz Hall. However, UCLA does offer tours of the campus.
  22. Does the department offer an online program or online classes?
    No. This is a full-time campus based program which requires the physical presence of the student.
  23. Can I get my application fee waived?
    Yes. Please see Tuition, State Residency, Application Fees, Deferrals, and Waivers for more information.


Updated 5/24/19