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Developmental Psychology at UCLA

cute ERP babyAs an area of inquiry, Developmental Psychology concerns the emergence of behavior and knowledge in individuals and groups. The Developmental Psychology graduate program at UCLA represents the breadth of the discipline, ranging from infancy to adolescence. Students receive training in graduate level Cognitive, Social, Language, and Emotional Development. Our research, training, and coursework are united by core themes (click on each faculty member name for more information).


Cognition, Perception, and Language

Culture, Ethnicity, and Development

Education and Learning in Formal and Informal Settings

Emotion, Stress, and Risk Taking

Neurobiological Basis of Development

outreachOur programs of research examine human development from infancy through young adulthood using a variety of laboratory-based (including behavioral and biological) and naturalistic techniques. The goal of the program is to produce independent scholars, and incoming students are expected to become research-active quickly upon beginning the program. Support for student research is excellent. Students have access to the most advanced methods (including MRI, EEG/ERP, genetic, physiological, eye-tracking, school-based research, and cross-cultural field work in several countries) and resources for research in affective and cognitive neuroscience, perceptual and cognitive development, language acquisition, family processes, peer influence and relationships, the study of culture and development, and developmental disorders.

More Developmental Psychology Information

  • Faculty
  • Core coursework includes:
    • Language and Cognitive Development (240A)
    • Social and Emotional Development (240B)
    • Developmental Psychobiology (240C)
    • Developmental Forum (241)
    • Statistics (250 ABC)
  • For a complete list of Required Courses please see the Psychology Handbook

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Developmental Area: Connections Across the UCLA Campus

Developmental Area: Connections Across the UCLA Campus