Psychology 195B: Fieldwork in Cognitive Science

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Fieldwork in Cognitive Science-Psych 195B offers Cognitive Science majors the opportunity to work (non-paid) for course credit in a pre-approved fieldwork setting in the area of Cognitive Science. Students are required to work a minimum of 7 hours per week for the 10-week quarter (summer enrollees are required to work a minimum of 68 hours over the 6-week session) and attend a one-hour weekly meeting, arranged by the fieldwork supervisor. A five to eight page typed research paper is also required. Students will be required to present their quarter-long work and paper to their supervisor and peers at the internship site.

Course Guidelines

  • Once you turn in your Psych 195B contract, you will be enrolled in 4 P/NP units of Fieldwork.
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing is required.
  • Students must do the work in the same quarter in which the Fieldwork class is taken for credit.
  • Only 12 units from any combination of courses 185, 192, 194, 195, 196 may be applied toward undergraduate degree.
  • Psych 195B fulfills one quarter of the fieldwork/research requirement for Cognitive Science majors.
  • Only one Fieldwork in Cognitive Science course can be taken in any quarter. 
  • Students continuing with the same Psych 195B fieldwork placement in future quarters must submit a new contract signed by the Fieldwork Site Supervisor to officially enroll in the course.


  • Look through the fieldwork listings on our website and contact the Fieldwork Site Supervisor to secure your fieldwork placement a quarter before you are planning to enroll.
  • Log on to your MyUCLA, click on CONTRACT COURSES on the left menu bar and follow the instructions for creating your Psych 195B contract.
  • Enter Barbara Knowlton as your Faculty Sponsor, but you do NOT need her signature.
  • You do not need the Department Chair signature.
  • Take the contract and supplementary supervisor contact form to your Fieldwork Site Supervisor for approval and to get their signature.
  • Once you have the completed contract with the signature of your Fieldwork Supervisor, submit it to the Psych Advising Office in 1531 Franz Hall.The deadline to submit the contract to the Psych Advising Office is Friday of Week 1.
  • Visit your College Counseling Unit if you need approval to take more than 5 P/NP units or are planning to exceed 19 units for the quarter.
  • Last step is to check your MyUCLA Study List on Thursday of Week 2 to make sure you are properly enrolled in a total of 4 P/NP units. The deadline to make changes to your Study List without a late fee is Friday of Week 2.

Satisfying Course Requirements

A typed paper of at least five pages and three references is required. The topic of the paper should be directly related to the project you are working on. A satisfactory paper demonstrates that you have researched the topic, organized and integrated the information, and linked the fieldwork activities to the topic. You must turn in a copy of the paper to your fieldwork supervisor by the end of the quarter and present your quarter-long work and paper to your supervisor and peers at the internship site. The grade of P or NP will be determined by the Psych Advising Office once we have received an Evaluation of Student report from the fieldwork supervisor indicating whether or not you have fulfilled all course requirements.

Organization’s Responsibilities

The fieldwork supervisor will train and supervise the student. The supervisor will provide an initial orientation that includes an explanation of the organization’s overall purpose and operations and how they relate to the student. The supervisor will give feedback as to what is expected in order to give credit for the course, as well as conduct the one-hour weekly seminar and provide related materials. The supervisor will also evaluate the student’s performance upon completion of the course confirming that all course requirements have been fulfilled.

The last day to submit a completed Learning Contract to the Undergraduate Advising Office is Friday of Week 1.

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