Graduate School & Careers

General Graduate School and Career Resources

The Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office can provide general information regarding graduate school and careers in the field of Psychology or other health related fields. However, the UCLA Career Center is the designated campus resource for post-graduate planning and opportunities. It’s recommended that students meet with a Career Counselor for more in-depth information and guidance regarding future graduate school or career plans. The Career Center also has a recently recorded workshop that reviews careers in Psychology.

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Resources

  • Pre-Health at UCLA provides pre-health students with relevant information and opportunities.
  • Students considering pursuing a health-related career can review the Pre-Health Services course requirement worksheet to ensure they are completing necessary coursework.
  • Students can meet with pre-health advisors at the UCLA Career Center for guidance about the pre-med or pre-health journey, application process and timeline, resume/CV review, and more.
  • Students can sign up for a biweekly newsletter that includes useful resources and opportunities by creating a Handshake account and indicating “Healthcare” as one of their industries.

Graduate School in Psychology

Choosing an Area of Interest

Clinical Psychology

Choosing Graduate School: Things to Consider

When considering going to graduate school, it is important to evaluate your reasons for doing so. Graduate school is a large commitment, so make sure to choose a program that fits your needs and will help you achieve your goals. See the following resources to assist you: