Psychology 196B – Lab Position Placement Form for Faculty

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Research in Cognitive Science

To recruit Cognitive Science majors to serve as (unpaid) research assistants on your project, please fill out the description of research form below. If your listing is approved, your post will be added to the Cognitive Science Research listings. Note that the review process can take several weeks and new research postings must be submitted for review prior to the beginning of the quarter in which a student proposes to work there.

To enroll: Students must create a Psych 196B Contract on, get the Faculty Sponsor’s signature, and submit it to the Psychology Advising Office via MyUCLA Message Center by Friday of Week 1. Students are required to complete a minimum of 7 hours per week for the 10-week quarter (Summer enrollees are required to work a minimum of 72 hours over the 6-week session) and attend a weekly seminar, arranged by the faculty sponsor. A five to eight page typed research paper is also required.

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