Studying Abroad

Planning to Study Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad during your time at UCLA, it’s recommended that you begin by exploring different program types on the UCLA International Education Office (IEO) webpage. Typically, students will participate in a UCEAP program if they want to earn degree credit for the coursework they complete abroad. Please contact an IEO study abroad advisor if you have any questions about specific program eligibility requirements and/or identifying the program that is the best fit for you.

The Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office recommends that students finish their major preparation courses and declare their major prior to studying abroad. This is to ensure you meet the major declaration deadline for your major.

Please read below to learn more about taking courses abroad for the Psychology, Psychobiology, or Cognitive Science majors. If you have further questions that are not addressed below, you may request to meet with a Psychology Undergraduate Advisor to discuss completing major coursework abroad and/or how studying abroad may impact your major progress. Note that Psychology Undergraduate Advisors cannot provide information about whether or not potential courses taken abroad will count towards the major, as most coursework has to go through an official petition process.

If you plan to take courses abroad for other degree requirements (e.g. GEs or non-major requirements), you will need to contact your college counseling unit to inquire about their course petition process. 

Psychology Major

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Psychobiology Major

Physics and/or Organic Chemistry Abroad

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Cognitive Science Major

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