Psychology 195A – New Site Application for Supervisors Form

Psychology 195A – New Site Application for Supervisors Form

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Fieldwork in Psychology

To recruit undergraduate Psychology students for your paid or unpaid internships, please submit the Description of Fieldwork Position form below. Once your site is approved, it will be added to the online internship placement listings.

The Psychology Undergraduate Fieldwork Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work (paid or non-paid) for course credit in a fieldwork setting in the area of Psychology and earn 4 units of upper-division course credits for the experience. The internship is designed as a 6-8 hour per week experience for the 10-week quarter; and students must meet with their supervisor at least once each week. In addition to the internship, students also enroll in a companion 2-hour seminar led by a UCLA instructor that will teach them professional development skills and is meant to complement the internship experience. This course is not offered during Summer Sessions.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The fieldwork supervision and training will include a weekly meeting with the student. Below are specific expectations of the supervisor:

  • Provide an initial orientation that includes an explanation of the organization’s overall purpose and operations and how they relate to the student.
  • Describe what is expected in order to receive credit for the course and provide related materials.
  • During the 10-week internship period, provide feedback to the student on a regular basis about their performance.
  • At two points during the quarter, complete a brief survey to indicate whether the student is meeting expectations. The second survey will ask the supervisor to evaluate the student’s performance to confirm that all course requirements have been fulfilled.