Pre-Major & Major Declaration

What is the difference between pre-major and major standing?

Students in the Psychology Department will start out as a pre-majors (pre-Psychology, pre-Psychobiology, or pre-Cognitive Science). Pre-major status is required for enrollment in certain major preparation coursework (i.e. Psychology 100A and 100B). Without pre-major standing, students will not be able to advance into the major.

Once all major preparation courses are completed prior to their respective deadlines, students can declare the Psychology, Psychobiology, or Cognitive Science majors. Students can review the major requirements for more information about major preparation coursework and deadlines.

Major standing students with senior class standing have highest priority to enroll in Psychology courses. This is to ensure senior students can enroll in their required coursework by graduation. Students with pre-major standing have access to enroll in select Psychology courses on the first pass. See the Enrollment Information page to learn more about the coursework you can enroll in as a pre-major.

Please note that starting June 10th, the Psychology Department will NOT process any major changes. If you are interested in switching your major to one of the following: Pre-Psychology, Pre-Psychobiology, or Pre-Cognitive Science, you may contact us after July 8th, 2024.

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