Psychology 195B: Fieldwork in Cognitive Science

Course Description

Fieldwork in Cognitive Science-Psych 195B offers Cognitive Science majors the opportunity to work (paid OR non-paid) for course credit in a pre-approved fieldwork setting in the area of Cognitive Science. Students are required to work a minimum of 7 hours per week for the 10-week quarter (summer enrollees are required to work a minimum of 68 hours over the 6-week session) and attend a one-hour weekly meeting, arranged by the fieldwork supervisor. Students must upload to BruinLearn a 5-8 page paper that describes the project they worked on and the work they completed. Students will also be required to present their work at a remote conference held through BruinLearn. They will create a 5 minute presentation video and share it with other students using the BruinLearn media gallery.

Course Forms and Deadlines

  1. Find an internship position. Four to five weeks prior to the start of the quarter, look through the approved fieldwork listings and contact the Fieldwork Site Supervisor to secure your fieldwork placement.
  2. Propose a new internship site. If you are proposing to work with an organization that is not already listed as an approved fieldwork site, your site supervisor will need to complete the Internship Position Placement Form by Friday, March 15th at 11:59pm for Spring Quarter 2024. Position Placement Forms received after the deadline will not be reviewed.
  3. Create a Psych 195B course contract. Instructions can be found below under “how to enroll.” Obtain your site supervisor’s signature on the course contract. This is the only signature that you need on this form, despite the form indicating otherwise. ENSURE YOU CREATE THE CONTRACT FOR 24S. IF YOUR CONTRACT IS CREATED FOR THE WRONG TERM, THEN YOUR CONTRACT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  4. Obtain your site supervisor’s signature on the supplemental form. Make sure they fill out the form in its entirety.
  5. Submit your forms. Signed course contracts and signed supplemental forms must be submitted to the Psychology Advising Office via MyUCLA’s Message Center by Friday, April 5th at 11:59pm for Spring Quarter 2024 in order to be enrolled in the course. Course Contracts and Supplemental Forms submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Course Guidelines

How to Enroll

Satisfying Course Requirements

  • Submit a typed paper of at least 5 pages. The topic of the paper should be directly related to cognitive science and your internship project. Submit a copy of the paper to both your fieldwork supervisor and via BruinLearn (under the ‘assignments’ tab).
  • Create a video presenting the same information you wrote about in your paper. You will upload this video to BruinLearn (under the ‘assignments’ tab) and share it with your fellow students using the Media Gallery.
  • The grade of P or NP will be determined by Dr. Knowlton and the course TA once they have reviewed the materials submitted to BruinLearn and received confirmation from the fieldwork supervisor indicating whether or not you have fulfilled the hour requirements.

Organization’s Responsibilities

The fieldwork supervisor will train and supervise the student. The supervisor will provide an initial orientation that includes an explanation of the organization’s overall purpose and operations and how they relate to the student. The supervisor will give feedback as to what is expected in order to give credit for the course, as well as conduct the one-hour weekly seminar and provide related materials. The supervisor will also evaluate the student’s performance upon completion of the course confirming that all course requirements have been fulfilled.