Previous PURC Presentations

PURC 2023

PURC 2023 was held on Friday, May 12th in Pritzker Hall.

Please view the PURC 2023 full schedule and the PURC 2023 program.

PURC 2022

PURC 2022 was held on Friday, May 6th in Ackerman Student Union.

Please view the PURC 2022 Full Poster and Talk Schedule.

PURC 2021


Selected students from our departmental research programs (PROPS and Departmental Honors), gave live, virtual 10-minute talks on Friday, May 14. 

Morning Sessions: 9-11AM

Morning Session 1

Morning Session 2

Afternoon Sessions: 1-3PM

Afternoon Session 1

Afternoon Session 2


We are hosting student posters and presentations through the following Open Science Foundation Meeting Page: We encourage you to view and share them!

PURC 2020

PURC 2020 Full Program

The 2020 PURC conference was transitioned online and hosted through the Center for Open Science. Please visit this link for the conference meeting page and to view and download student posters and watch talk presentations: