Enrollment Information

Preparing for Enrollment

Students are assigned appointment times 🔗 by the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to check your enrollment appointments through MyUCLA and set a reminder for when your enrollment passes open. If you miss your first pass enrollment, you will have to wait until your second pass to enroll.

For more information about enrolling in Psychology courses, please watch a recording of our Winter 2024 Enrollment Workshop.

Enrollment in Psych Courses

It is important to review the requirements for your major 🔗 and run a new Degree Audit Report to verify which major requirements you still need to satisfy. Please see below for important reminders about enrollment:

  • The Psychology Department does not utilize PTE numbers under any circumstances. Please do not ask departmental advisors or instructors for PTE numbers, as they will not be able to provide you with any.
  • Enrollment in Psychology courses is restricted based on major and class standing. View the course notes to see if you are able to enroll with your current major and class standing.
  • Psych 100A is not an enforced prerequisite for upper division Psych courses other than Psych 100B, so you may enroll in Psych upper division courses prior to completing Psych 100A.
  • Your major cannot be declared until all preparation grades have posted to your Degree Audit Report.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to resolve any class or exam time conflicts on their study lists.
  • No exceptions are made to any of the above Psychology Department policies under any circumstances.

Enrolling in Major Coursework

Psychology classes are restricted based off of major and class standing. Note that there is a difference between pre-major and major standing. Students who complete all preparation courses for their major and declare or apply for the major are eligible for major standing. All other students with in-progress preparation courses will have pre-major standing.

Using Class Planner or the Schedule of Classes 🔗, read the “Class Notes” for the Psychology courses you are interested in. The Class Notes are listed with each course under the Info button. This will tell you the major and class standing required to enroll in each Psych course during the first and second passes.

For example, the Psych 121 enrollment restriction reads:

  • Enrollment is limited to senior Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Linguistics and Psychology majors on the priority and first enrollment passes.
  • Junior Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Linguistics and Psychology majors may enroll on the second pass, space permitting.

This means that you must be one of the listed majors and have senior class standing to enroll on the first pass. On the second pass, the listed majors with junior standing have access to enroll. Pre-majors are unable to enroll in the course.

However, for a class like Psych 120A, the enrollment restriction reads:

  • Enrollment is limited to junior/senior departmental majors, Linguistics and Psychology majors, and Neuroscience majors on the priority and first enrollment passes.
  • Junior/senior departmental pre-majors and Neuroscience minors may enroll on the second pass, space permitting.

This means that you must be one of the listed majors and have junior or senior standing to enroll on the first pass. On the second pass, junior pre-majors and certain minors with junior or senior standing have access to enroll.

The prerequisites listed for certain Psychology courses are suggested courses that should be taken before enrolling in that particular course. However, you will not be prevented from enrolling in most Psychology classes if you have not met the prerequisites. The only enforced prerequisites in Psychology courses are:

  • Students must complete Psych 100A prior to 100B
  • Students must complete Psych 115 prior to M116A/116B

You can monitor the seats available in Psych classes via Class Planner through the end of Week 2 of each quarter. If seats become available, you may enroll if you meet the restrictions. If no seats become available, you will have to attempt enrollment in the course in a future term.

In regards to PTE numbers, the Psych Department doesn’t give out PTE numbers under any circumstances due to the impacted nature of our department. All enrollment is done through MyUCLA to be as fair as possible to all students.

Please do not contact Psych professors to request a PTE number. They also rely on MyUCLA to manage enrollment in their courses. Professors do not make the decisions on which students can be added into their classes.

The Psych Advising Office doesn’t make exceptions to department policy. If you aren’t yet eligible to enroll in a class, you’ll need to wait until you are. If you cannot enroll in a course, you will have to enroll during a different quarter.

It is your responsibility to properly plan your schedule to ensure timely graduation. It’s recommended to meet with an advisor early in your academic career to ensure the timely completion of major requirements.

Our office does not hold or guarantee seats to students nor do we move students higher on a course waitlist. The seat/waitlist number students obtain during their enrollment pass is what their enrollment in the course will reflect.

There is no need to send a message or come to drop-in Psychology Advising to ask if we will let you into a course or move you up the waitlist, as we will not.

If you need a specific Psychology course, we highly recommend using your 1st pass to enroll in the course. If there is not an open seat, you can add yourself to the waitlist.

Each department manages the enrollment of its own courses. The courses listed on the major sheets are courses that are accepted for major electives, but this does not ensure that these classes will be offered when you want or need them. It also doesn’t guarantee that that particular department will have room to accommodate your enrollment. If you are concerned about enrollment in a course outside of the Psych Department, you will need to speak with an advisor in that course’s department to discuss their enrollment restrictions.

If you still have questions after reviewing the above information, Psychology Undergraduate Advisors are available to assist. Please review how to get in contact with a Psychology advisor 🔗.