SONA Instructions for Undergraduate Participants

The Purpose of the Psychology Subject Pool

A great deal of what we know about human behavior is based on studies conducted at universities like UCLA. Serving as a subject in an experiment provides students with direct exposure to psychological research. The descriptions of psychological research that appear in textbooks and scientific journals necessarily omit a great deal of information about what research is really like. Serving as a research participant thus complements what you learn in class by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at research.

Getting Started with SONA

ATTENTION: Students must be 18 years or older in order to participate in the Psychology Department Subject Pool. Please see the Student Directions for using SONA . Here you can find info on:

  • creating an account
  • updating your profile
  • retrieving a lost password
  • signing up for studies/ canceling a sign up
  • reassigning credits between classes
  • etc.

Psychology 10 Student Guidelines

All SONA Participants

Several Psychology courses and Linguistics courses allow students to participate in experiments for extra credit. Your professor will notify you if his or her course offers this option. Please note:

  • ALL students are responsible for properly allocating credits to their given courses
  • Students should not wait until the end of the quarter to participate in studies as there is no guarantee that there will still be timeslots available
  • Invitation codes are only sent to eligible participants of a study. If you did not receive an invitation code, that means you are ineligible for that particular study. Please do not contact researchers requesting access codes.

Important Dates for All SONA Participants

  • 1st day to participate in studies corresponds to the 1st day of instruction.
  • Last day to participate in studies and reassign credits is Thursday of Week 10 during the academic year (Fall-Spring quarters).
  • Last day to participate in studies and reassign credits for Summer Sessions is Tuesday of Week 6 of each session.